This study aims to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of prosociality in
organizations. In particular, we propose a prospective and reciprocal relationship between
two types of organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBI – prosocial organizational
behaviors directed toward other individuals – and OCBO – prosocial organizational
behaviors directed toward the organization) and perceived prosocial impact: engaging in
prosocial behavior increases subjective sense of prosocial impact, which in turn motivates
subsequent prosocial behavior. Using longitudinal data collected in three waves (N1=631,
N2=240, and N3=148), we found that OCBI (but no OCBO), prospectively predicts
perceptions of prosocial impact. Additionally, we find evidence for perceptions of prosocial
impact prospectively predicting both subsequent OCBI and subsequent OCBO. As such,
our research shows a virtuous cycle of prosociality between certain prosocial behaviors at
work and the perception of prosocial impact at work, which has theoretical and practical
implications for both employee well-being and motivation as well as the performance of